Teeth Whitening in Sarasota, Venice, & Englewood

Lift stains from your enamel with teeth whitening from Tarpon Shores Dental!


If your self-confidence has been affected by darkened enamel, it can damper your daily interactions. If you would instead like your smile to look like you’ve turned back the clock, talk to the team at Tarpon Shores Dental. Our cosmetic dentistry staff can restore a bright smile with our teeth whitening services, including in-office procedures with our Zoom! Whitening equipment. Please call us today to schedule your appointment and to learn about our other available cosmetic dentistry services.

Speed your way to whiter teeth with Zoom! Whitening.

Philips Zoom! Whitening can renovate your appearance in just one visit! Our in-office teeth whitening system removes the evidence that the years have left on your enamel. In clinical trials, Philips Zoom! Whitening was shown to lighten smiles up to 8 shades. This teeth whitening technique was also proven to be able to remove up to 90% of surface stains. You can be confident again after visiting Tarpon Shores Dental.

Most over-the-counter teeth whitening kits actually damage enamel, not to mention they don’t produce lasting results. Homemade solutions that are used to whiten teeth can be even worse because they generally rely on acidic materials to strip stains from your smile. In fact, both methods can weaken your teeth and leave you susceptible to the decaying effects of bacteria. Zoom! Whitening works by re-oxygenating the deeper layers of your teeth, where toothbrushes and whitening strips can’t reach. Tarpon Shores Dental can perform this in-office teeth whitening procedure in less than two hours on average at our Sarasota, Venice or Englewood practices.

After your procedure, you will want to keep your smile in tip-top shape by using at-home teeth whitening systems. The appearance and safety of your mouth is always of concern to our team, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about follow-up care. Tarpon Shores Dental would like to go above and beyond in care for all of our patients.

Tarpon Shores Dental sees patients from Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, and the nearby Florida cities for teeth whitening. We also provide other cosmetic dentistry services at our locations. Please call us to schedule your appointment today. Are you nervous about how your teeth whitening treatment will feel while you’re at Tarpon Shores Dental? Ask for more information about anti-anxiety dentistry, available in our office.