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Nightguards – Sarasota, FL

An Easy Solution to Harmful Teeth Grinding

Do you frequently wake up with headaches or a sore jaw? Do your teeth look or feel a little worn down? You might suffer from bruxism, or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Over time, this can wear down the tooth enamel so much that the teeth could chip, crack, or even fall out! It may also results in serious jaw pain or issues like TMJ disorder. Fortunately, Dr. Shanaka can craft a custom-made nightguard for you to place a protective barrier between your top and bottom teeth to prevent harmful contact. Schedule an appointment with us today to help you get the nightguard you need for easier sleep.

Symptoms of Bruxism

man putting in red mouthguard

Since teeth grinding and clenching typically happens while you’re unconscious, it’s impossible to tell exactly when it happens. That’s why you’ve got to look for signs upon waking, such as:

Sometimes, it might not even be you who figures out you grind your teeth. Your bed partner may hear a loud grinding noise coming from your side of the bed at night. Also, bruxism is much more likely if you already have another sleep issue, such as snoring, talking in your sleep, or sleep apnea.

Why You Should Get a Dentist-Made Nightguard

woman with mouth pain

If you suspect you may have bruxism, it may be tempting to buy a one-size-fits-all nightguard from the drugstore. These nightguards are cheap, but that also means they’re cheaply made. When it comes to dentistry, you generally get what you pay for. That’s why it’s better to invest in a custom-made nightguard from Tarpon Shores Dental.

Dr. Shanaka will take impressions of your unique bite. Then, a mold of the nightguard is created using a special plastic material that prevents harmful contact between your teeth while still feeling nice and comfortable, allowing you to rest easy.

How to Take Care of Your Nightguard

nightguard with case

To avoid discoloration and bacterial accumulation in your nightguard, keep it sterile between uses. One way to do this is to thoroughly brush the guard with a soft-bristled toothbrush every morning. Be sure not to use toothpaste, as that could be abrasive and cause tiny cracks. After brushing, dry your nightguard with a soft cloth. Then, rinse out the case with water.

Once a week, it’s a good idea to soak your nightguard in a glass of antiseptic mouthwash or denture cleaning solution for about ten minutes. Do the same with the case to prevent both of them from getting dirty and keep them lasting a long time.

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