Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers concerning your dental health.

Why do I have to visit the dentist if I brush and floss my teeth regularly?

Congratulations for taking great care of your teeth! However, a dental professional often notices problems that you could be overlooking. Routine general dentistry examinations can provide an insight into the state of your oral health. Tarpon Shores Dental will examine your gums, teeth, and mouth during a regular appointment. Our equipment can help us check for signs of decay that may not even be visible yet! The American Dental Association recommends that patients come to our office every six months for an exam. These biannual visits will also give you the chance to ask us about our many dental services. Keep up the good dental hygiene habits, and we’ll take care of the rest.

I’m nervous about going to the dentist. How can you help me relax?

We have anti-anxiety dentistry for patients who get pre-examination jitters. Our nonjudgmental team understands that many Americans have a serious fear of the dentist, but we won’t let that stop you from receive the Tarpon Shores Dental care you need! Please call our staff to ask about our anti-anxiety dentistry today.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. Tarpon Shores Dental has a CEREC machine in our office, which allows us to measure, fit, and create durable, ceramic crowns for patients who need them. Crowns are used to ‘cap over’ a tooth which has broken, suffered damage, or been significantly chipped. With this technology, our staff can make a permanent crown for Sarasota, Venice, and Englewood patients. Please talk to our staff about CEREC one-visit crown technology if you damage your smile.

What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

Tarpon Shores Dental has many methods for rejuvenating your smile! It all depends on which you prefer. If you like the idea of having a removable, easy-to-clean dental prosthetic, full dentures or partial dentures could be the answer for you. If you want a bit more stability in your bite, ask our restorative dentistry team if you can have a dental implant placed. A dental bridge can also provide a durable way to renovate your grin. Please call our practice today to learn more about the ways the appearance and function of your teeth could improve with restorative dentistry treatments.

My teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. Is something wrong?

Not at all. It’s natural for your teeth to lose their youthful appearance as you age, and enamel will become dull even if you take great care of your teeth. Drinking coffee, indulging in red wine, or using tobacco products will stain your teeth as well. Tarpon Shores Dental can use Zoom! Whitening technology to lift stains from your enamel. Call our office today to schedule your appointment to receive this cosmetic dentistry treatment.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a tooth replacement method for patients with a strong jaw who want to fill in the space left by an absent tooth. An implant is a small, titanium rod which acts as an artificial tooth root. The implant is placed in the empty socket left behind by the missing tooth. After an appropriate recovery period, Tarpon Shores Dental will attach a dental crown to the space so as to return the natural form and function to your smile. Talk to your Tarpon Shores Dental professionals today to find out if you qualify for this procedure.

Is Flossing Important?

A recent report was released telling the public there is little to no proof flossing actually works and most dentists' jaws dropped. The dentists at Tarpon Shores Dental are firm believers that flossing is important for your overall oral health and it can help prevent bad breath, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. We understand most people do not floss, so what are alternatives to flossing? Floss picks, interdental brushes, and water picks are all great options for individuals that feel like flossing is a chore.

How do I know if dental implants are the right choice for me?

Are you missing a tooth or teeth? Dental implants are the right choice for almost everyone wanting to recreate the feeling and look of real teeth. The things your Tarpon Shores Dental dentist will consider while determining if you are a great candidate for dental implants is what look are you trying to achieve or are there any specific health concerns preventing you from being a good candidate for dental implants? We can work hand in hand with your physician to alleviate any concerns or potential issues.

If I want dental implants, how do I start the process?

The best way to begin the process of learning about dental implants and gathering information as it pertains to your specific needs, is to simply ask your Tarpon Shores Dental dentist; they will be more than happy to answer any questions and develop a plan catered to you through a consultation. The dentists are here to help you make the best decision for you!

What are "Teeth in a Day"?

Wondering if it's really possible to get a dental implant in just one dental visit? Tarpon Shores Dental is well trained in what has become widespread among the dental industry and known as "teeth in a day". Teeth in a day is actually a process developed by an implant company that allows for the preparation of implant placement surgery and the actual placement surgery of the temporary restoration crown to be placed within the same visit. The reality of this is it does usually require several pre-operative visits and many follow ups to track the success. Tarpon Shores Dental believes in taking every precaution and creating a custom plan for each patient to ensure a dental implant does not fail and ultimately chooses to take the more traditional approach to dental implant placement. Our dentists want to ensure the best results and it ends up being more cost effective in the long term.

How often should an adult visit the dentist?

Every individual's mouth and needs are different. It used to be easier to say everyone should see a dentist twice a year, but with advanced technology and the knowledge we have now it is more important to take a personal approach. Some people may need to come twice a year or more while others only need to come once a year. Tarpon Shores Dental adapts plans geared towards what is best for each patient; so there is not one size fits all when it comes to one's oral care.

What is the link between periodontal disease and systemic health?

What does an intraoral camera do?