Full & Partial Dentures in Sarasota, Venice, & Englewood

Tarpon Shores Dental can revitalize your smile with dentures and partials.

In the past, dentures were often mass-produced to be one-size-fits-all. This resulted in frequent problems such as slipping, sliding, and the impairment of speech. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. With today’s technology, Tarpon Shores Dental creates dentures and partials that can fit each patient’s unique bite and gums. You’ll be able to eat, drink, and even laugh with confidence. Leave ill-fitting dentures in the past where they belong. Please contact Tarpon Shores Dental to receive treatment with full dentures and partials today.

Full dentures can replace all of the teeth along the upper, lower, or both gums. They stay in place with the use of suction and at times, even a little dental adhesive. Partials, on the other hand, can be used when some healthy anchor teeth remain. Partial dentures attach to your existing, healthy teeth, and like full dentures, they can be cleansed gently with a toothbrush. While cost-effective, full and partial dentures are not as stable as traditional dental bridges or implant-supported dentures.

Did you know that dentures can give you a younger-looking appearance?

Teeth provide support for your entire face. They serve as the structure your facial muscles need to stay in place. When you begin to lose your teeth, these muscles will sag or droop inward. This creates a drastically older look. You don’t want to seem years ahead of your actual age! Tarpon Shores Dental fits restorative dentistry patients for partials and dentures to help them reflect an enhanced image. Dentures and partials also help the health of your jaw bone! When a tooth is lost, the gum tissue and bone tissue recognize that there is no longer anything to support. They slowly begin to deteriorate over time. Using a denture or partial can help maintain this space and can slow the appearance of aging. Talk to a Tarpon Shores Dental professional today to learn more about full dentures and partials for your benefit.

Tarpon Shores Dental uses dentures and partials to provide stability to the smiles of patients from Venice, Englewood, Sarasota, and other Florida areas. Please call us today to schedule your appointment. If you’re new to our practice, please take a look at our new patients page. We can’t wait to help you improve your smile, self-confidence, and the overall function of your mouth.