Dental Implants in Englewood, Sarasota, & Venice

Tarpon Shores Dental can fill the gap in your grin with dental implants!

When patients come to us who are seeking a tooth replacement solution, they’re often under the misconception that the only tools available are dentures, partials, or dental bridges. While all of these are viable options, Tarpon Shores Dental has another suggestion. Dental implants are recommended for those with a sturdy jaw and who need to replace a tooth or multiple teeth. Tarpon Shores Dental works with patients from Sarasota, Venice, and Englewood to place and restore dental implants. Please call our office today to learn more about this procedure or to schedule a consultation so that you can discover if dental implants are an available choice for you.

A dental implant is a tiny, titanium rod that is placed directly into the socket of the missing tooth. The implant acts as an artificial tooth root. The dental implant provides stability for the dental crown we’ll attach later. After it’s been inserted, your bone and gum tissue will fuse with the new root, which will create the foundation for the whole new you! After your dental implantation is declared to be a success, we’ll top off the area with a dental crown. Your gum line will appear seamless, and you’ll be able to regain the confidence you lost when your tooth went missing.

Dental implants can:

Dental implants can be used to provide the stability your bite needs. Tarpon Shores Dental can use them to create a natural-looking smile for all sorts of patients. However, not everyone is a candidate to receive dental implants. Our staff can evaluate the status of your jaw bone by using modern digital CT-scanning. Smoking, existing gum disease, and other problems can also compromise the success of a dental implant, and these factors will need to be considered before we can move forward. Please provide us with full medical disclosure so the Tarpon Shores Dental staff will be able to consider all aspects of your lifestyle when beginning your dental implant placement.

To bring back the appearance of an undamaged smile, please talk to one of our friendly staff members today. Call our practice to find out more about this process or to learn about our other dentistry services. Tarpon Shores Dental repairs smiles in patients from Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, and other Florida locales. If you’re a new patient, please click here.